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What goals can be achieved with the construction of the Peace Memorial?

The Peace Monument represents a different way of dealing with the past. Art as a language is suitable to give such an impulse and the long-term social consequences of such an impulse can be far-reaching. Comparable, there is no other place in Germany. The concept was developed in many years of work. The Peace Memorial symbolizes the step from dealing with the past into integration. With this peace - "what was learned from the past" - there comes a responsible for a social commitment to peace and freedom, which requires moral courage and a civil commitment. That is what this monument is standing for. Thus, it becomes a positive identity symbol of our country.

With this Peace Memorial a "piece" of the characteristic cultural landscape of the Odenwald is preserved. The stones in the Peace Memorial originate from Borstein, a quarry on the same path not far away from the memorial. Nowhere else this characteristic Stone of the Odenwald (a form of rose quartz) is still delivered. Therefore this Peace Memoiral fits well into the concept of the Geopark Bergstra├če-Odenwald.

The place for the Peace Memorial was chosen on a hill above a former mine. One can thus overlook the valley. Here in the so-called. 3rd Reich a branch of the concentration camp Natzweiler-Struthof as located. Thus, the themes of war, persecution and the so-called 3rd Reichs camp system with concentration camps and numerous satellite camps spanned over whole Europe are touched. These themes flow indirectly into the topic of the Peace Memorial through the choice of the location. So this memorial site does not happen as beautiful idea in the green countryside, but actually in the proper historical place as a next step in commemorating as a Peace Memorial. Peace can not narrow down to a specific area in the exterior, but is always a personal inner attitude that works by itself to the outside. Therefore the Peace Memorial is about an own path to inner peace.

This memorial site brings awareness, that a monument can equally approach past, present and future in a connecting way.

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