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Lag baOmer at the Jerusalem Peace Memorial - Germany  -  Peace to come

On Sunday May 18th 2014 at 12 o'clock a first-time encounter with a Jewish community from Karlsruhe took place at the Jerusalem Peace Memorial (European Geopark Bergstraße Odenwald).

The Jerusalem Peace Memorial is a step with its atmosphere and symbolism into a new relationship. It represents what there is to live in the present because of a dark German past: it is dedicated to the dignity and freedom of people and it is a commitment from the German side to the Jewish roots of our Western culture.

Shown here: 3 minutes movie about the festival (German)

Read here: Press release in the German newspapers about the festival (English)

Jerusalem Peace Memorial (European Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald)

Encounter with a Jewish community at the Peace Memorial. We start at the Jerusalem Memorial Stone. He has a side of pain with the call: „Where dust is transformed into light" and a side of hope with the call for a new life: „Yerushalayim”.

Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson passes at Jerusalem Memrial Stone a sculpture made of silver to the Chairman of the association, who built the memorial.

Jewish children play at the memorial in Bensheim-Hochstädten.

Music connects

People are happy with each other.

Life at the „Tree of Life” (lying in the Peace Memorial Circle).

The walk in the „Tree of Life” within the Peace Memorial over the &132;Threshold of humility”. Inscription: „Recognize the holyness in your midst”.

A Star of David on a „White Rose” in the center of the peace times. Jews and non-Jews are interested in the explanation of the symbol.

The Jerusalem Memorial Stone - where dust is tranformed into light (Nelly Sachs) - with a call of hope „Yerushalayim” as a commitment to the Jewish roots of our European culture.

Instructions in Jewish jokes.

Where dust is transformed int light - kosher picnic with the Jewish community.

The farewell - the community continues on to the city of Michelstadt

It's quiet again at the Peace Memorial at the European long distance path - for a short time, because the weather is nice and many hiking groups will visit the memorial site today.

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