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Chairman: Thomas Zieringer, Artist  (contact)

If it is regarding our own past or the past of our countries: in moving, accepting and with an openness overcoming the soldification, originated from the trauma of the past, will bring our countries healing and a blessing. Not shame or guilt, which are suppressing realities, are an answer, but a true acceptance of responsibility, which is positive and brings more peace in the world.

Co-chair: Anton Euler, Operator (Christophel Mission for the Blind (CBM))

I appeal to the idea of reconciliation. This means for me, to come to terms with God and oneself for coming to terms with one's neighbor. It means reducing prejudices, to get closer to each other and it means to be willing to listen and accept the oher man or woman as a person.

Assessor: Honorable Member Karl Netzer, entrepreneur

Karl Netzer enabled a book by Mrs. Buber Agassi on the women's concentration camp at Ravensbrück. In a difficult time for our association he helped with words and deeds.

Assessor: Ludwig Arras, locksmith (retired) and groundskeeper

There is more and more disunity in society: people think only of themselves, and each one builds his little fortress around him. I would like to see, that people have more respect for each other and for creation.

Treasurer: Claus D. Müller, accountant (retired)

That we learn to live and cope without violence and pressure with our fellow men and families . I would like to meet also the Jewish people without guilt.

Secretary: Konrad Kaschek

I want to give a positive signal and build a bridge between the past and the present. It's about contributing to the development of our civilization. I want to help that it can develop in peace and freedom.

Honorable Member Prof. Judith Buber Agassi, sociologist, Israel

Mrs. Prof. Buber Agassi was born on June 17th, 1924 in Germany, Heppenheim (the area where the Memorial is built). In the year 1938 she fled from the Nazis with her grandfather Martin Buber to Jerusalem. She is a citizen of the state Israel. She worked as a sociologist at prestigious universities. (more information).

Linde Weiland, former president of the Jewish Community Fulda,  Fulda Newsworthy

20 years beeing president of the Jewish Community made me aware of the necessity to approach one another in a tolerant attitude. I am thankful to HaShem, that I could be at the right time in Fulda and could rebuilt the new Jewish Community with now arround 500 members.

Thoma Catta, Pastor, St. Georg (main Catholic Church of Bensheim)

„If there are many unimposing people at many small towns and place doing many little steps, they can change all together the face of this earth. This peace memorial in Bensheim is a remarkable step, that the vision of peace can become true, if many become engaged, come together and overcome boundaries. I really like to support the work of the Association of the Peace Memorial.”

Alfons Büttner, clerk

The symbolism of the Peace Memorial invites us towards reconcilitation and thus for a love, which is being lived. As a German and Christian for me this is an elementary need.

Margit Funke, Therapist

I hope, that the work of „Friedensmal Wendepunkt” will be a contribution, for the healing of the wounds and hurts of the traumatized mankind.

Franz Apfel, President of the BfB(Political party of the city of Bensheim)

The Peace Monument shows the extent to which citizens can bear social responsibility. Our society thrives on the fact that citizens participate. Its the way to safeguard a free and democratic society.

Rivka Abir, Jerusalem, Editor of Pashutshone - Anders(!) Halt

What I wanted to do all my life and what I do now for many years, is - writing. I felt one day the idea to publish a magazine with content that are close to my heart, but are worth no headlines: The BEAUTIFUL in Israel, with Jerusalem in particular, known from a different perspective, people who make a difference through their difference. The common thread, however, is supposed to be Torah, as in its light a different understanding of the meaning and purpose of our existence can be achieved.

Axel Goehr, state official

Reconciliation can not be ordered from the top politicians. Reconciliation can only grow through personal involvement. The association Friedensmal Wendepunkt is consciously going an unconventional way, far from crusty Institutions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to get involved here.

Petra Zieringer, business economist (MBA), chief executive

I believe in the vision which is transportet through the Peace Memorial, and to me the reconciliation between people is important. But above all, for me a real reconciliation between Christians and Jews is at heart . The Germans should not only talk so much about it, but act accordingly.

Honorable Member Dr. Pim van Lommel,  Wikipedia

Yes, I can agree with a 'Ehrenmitgliedschaft', and I feel honored, and I hope that by accepting this I can help you with your important initiative for World Peace.

In love and peace, and much success, Pim van Lommel

Christa Büttner, head of nursing service

As a German I carry the burden of the culpable deeds of my people. This responsibility is not less, by referencing on the blame of others. It is important to remember and to put up signs of responsibility which can show that we learned from the past.

Assessor: Ellen Lapidus Stern, artist, Jerusalem, Israel

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Christian Strack, Master of Business and Engineering

The idea of reconciliation is the foundation of any true relationship . From the reconciliation with God it is possible for us to live reconciliation with ourselves and with our neighbors, which gives a chance for healthy relatinships. The project „Peace Memorial” opens up the possibility to get a step closer to this goal.

Irina Sauer, Mother and Housewife

Hope that people finally have learned something from the past. Hope for peace without limitations and love for one another.

Cash auditor: Ursula Pietsch, retired Child Care Worker

Something like the Shoah must never happen again in the world. Reconciliation means that we can create something together again. Reconciliation means the respect and appreciation of the other in his personality, which enriches us.

Karl Zieringer, Entrepreneur

I look at what is happening in the world and am shocked . Where will this lead to? The Peace Monument is an exceptional project. I hope that many people will understand it. Because we need to change something in order to have a future. The Peace Monument can be a symbol for it.

Hendriette La Roux, Staff Member

I noticed the honest effort that is behind the project, to effect something beautiful in society . We learn to see with the eyes of the others and recognize ourselves in it. We move toward each other and try to live together rather than against each other.

Christa Kilb, Natural Health Professional

Peace and reconciliation as a visible sign at a place of encounter, away from politics and power, toward the real inner human need - I can relate to that. What again and again impresses me much, is the enthusiasm and the personal commitment of the originator.

Andreas Zieringer, Dipl. Computer Scientist

For which there are visions for a better world? We need something do for it, because even good visions do not materialize by itself.

Margret Zieringer, retired Physiotherapist

I hope that people are again more satisfied and able to understand each other. Often what sounds so simple is the most difficult to live.

Marlies Wank, Initiator of the self-help group „The Source”

I was addicted and overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. My quest for inner peace was my search for a way out of this. I have faced my lies and i have learned to do it with more and more love and thereby I found more peace. I want to carry it out into the world.

Susanne Alissa Kuphal, Speech Therapist

For me the way to world peace through the inner peace of every single person is the only one possible. Therefore the basic idea of the association hits the way I currently pursue. I'm glad about the courage of the initiator, to bring a vision into reality hereby.

Arnulf Tian, Dipl. Construction Engineer

With this Peace Monument I see a good chance of creating a place of encounter, which contributes in reducing prejudices.

Sven Amann, Musician

For me this visionary project is a symbol of a true and healthy reconciliation with the difficult past of two peoples. Symbols of forgiveness and love do heal wounds much better than control and divisions. With my eight-year long acquaintance with Thomas and seeing his ever wearying power to realize this project, I can not act otherwise than to spiritually back his vision since years. I am very happy about it.

Marion Euler, Housewife

Maria Mrotzek

This Peae Memorial is important to us. It reminds us on a very dark past and in that it shows a way of peace. Places of contemplation, where people recognize and understand, are an important contribution for a healthy society.

Cash auditor: Dr. Mause, Hochstädten

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Christin Straub, Dipl. Physiotherapist

My personal peace and the peace of the society in which I live are closely linked. Moreover, peace and healing are mutually dependent. And wholeness I wish for myself and all beings. Therefore I am going the way of peace. I say consciously „way of peace”. Gandhi aptly remarked: „There's no way 'to' peace, peace is the way”.

Markus S. Rabanus, Initiator of Initiative-Dialog, Rabanus Verlag Berlin

The reason is intrinsically to man, such as love is intrinsically to reason. In striving for that is life and it outlasts its spirit of the time.

Sookja Reiss, Yoga Teacher

Nina Reiss, Singer

Harald Schneider, self-employed Accountant

Gosbert Wolf, Engineer

Bettina Beller, Administration and Seminaries

Gerald Paar from the „Lautertal” (valley of the sincere)

† Honorable member auxiliary bishop Dr. Guballa (Bistum Mainz)